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Recent Crime Update

LA County Sheriffs Arrest AL Parent For Sexual Assault OF A Minor

On April 14, 2024 a Los Angeles County Sherrifs Officer was patrolling Wardlow Park off Stanbridge...

Man arrested for multiple sexual attacks in Long Beach

A homeless man was arrested in connection with a spree of sexual batteries in Long Beach...

Long Beach Sex Offender Faces Indictment on Attempted Sex Trafficking of a Minor Charges

A convicted sex offender from Long Beach faces arraignment Jan. 3 on federal charges of attempted...

Ex-Long Beach Poly assistant football coach accused of sexual abuse of female student

A standout football player turned assistant football coach and substitute teacher at Long Beach...

‘You are a predator’: Judge sentences ex-LBUSD teacher to 80 years for sexually assaulting students

A former Jordan High School teacher was sentenced today to 80 years to life in prison for...


Police in Long Beach have arrested a man accused of multiple sexual battery incidents, and...

Sex Offender Followed Child Home From Bus: Long Beach Police

Long Beach Police arrested a homeless sex offender who they say followed a child home from the bus...

Important Point Long Beach City's crime rate:

1. Long Beach City’s crime rate has shown a declining trend over the past few years.
2. Certain neighborhoods within Long Beach have higher crime rates compared to others, often correlated with socioeconomic factors.
3. Property crimes, including theft and burglary, are more common in Long Beach compared to violent crimes.
4. The Long Beach Police Department has implemented various community policing initiatives to address crime and build trust with residents.
5. Gang-related activity has been a concern in certain areas of Long Beach, although efforts to curb gang violence have shown some success.
6. Long Beach City has a dedicated unit focusing on addressing and preventing domestic violence incidents.
7. The city experiences periodic fluctuations in crime rates, influenced by factors such as economic conditions and law enforcement strategies.
8. Long Beach’s proximity to major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles can impact crime dynamics due to factors like population density and transitory populations.
9. The city collaborates with community organizations and stakeholders to implement crime prevention programs and support at-risk youth.
10. Despite ongoing efforts, Long Beach City continues to face challenges in reducing crime rates, requiring a multifaceted approach involving law enforcement, social services, and community engagement.

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